Erection Issues: Thorough Examination Of Health Is Urgent

Erection Issues

Your penile issues may actually hide something unexpected and quite surprising for you

If you experience erectile dysfunction, you become extremely concerned about your penis. That’s understandable enough but in this situation it’s also necessary to have a look at your overall health.

In the research held at the University of Toronto the males experiencing the erectile dysfunction had the 50 percent higher chances of having diabetes in comparison with the males who didn’t show any problems with erection. And speaking of middle-aged men, the risks were even higher. Nearly one fifth of the males aged 40 to 50 under the research had the condition without being aware of it.

How is it all connected? If diabetes isn’t being treated on time, the blood vessels and nerves may get damaged which in its turn lead to the issues with erectile function. This conclusion is represented by the author of the research, Doctor of medicine Sean Sceldon.

On the other hand, you may feel like you would know if you faced diabetes. But the issue here is represented by the fact that the condition isn’t expressed by any noticeable symptoms. But still if the symptoms occur, they are so general that pretty much no one pays attention to them (for instance, frequent need to pee, thirst and a constant feeling of fatigue).

Dr. Sceldon also notices that for some males the erectile dysfunction becomes the first evident sign to occur.

So here’s a great notice for you to remember: when having obvious problems with maintaining and getting erection, consult your physician the sooner the better. If your doctor will suppose that you are experiencing diabetes, he will have your blood tested in order to indicate your blood sugar levels. If there are some risks of having diabetes presented by your body, the doctor will necessarily do this test. The risk factors involve high cholesterol, excessive weight, high arterial pressure, family history of experiencing the condition.

Diabetes may become a fatal diagnosis if according to the blood test, your glucose level hits the point of 126 milligram per deciliter. These are the words of Dr. Sceldon. Having the numbers between 100 and 125 means being at a risk of developing diabetes and it also means that your heart and blood vessels are currently suffering. But if your case is having the erectile dysfunction and your blood test is absolutely fine, you have to think of having oral glucose tolerance test done. It indicates your sugar level over the morning course and in some cases it can reveal the initial cause of diabetes- insulin resistance. The thing is that it reveals it before the data is shown up in the blood sugar test. Having done this one, you may prevent the problem before it becomes global.